Loyal companions to all Robotos

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The workshop has closed!
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How it works

You’re in the Robotos Workshop, a place where different experiments with botos happen. Here you can adopt a Robopet, loyal companions to your Roboto.

For one week, every Roboto will be able to adopt a Robopet from the Roboto Workshop. Claiming the token is free; you'll only have to pay for gas.

You can only get a Robopet by having a Roboto in your wallet. Once a Robopet has been claimed by a Roboto, that token cannot be used to get another one.

Robopets will be revealed a couple of days after the workshop is closed. The unclaimed Robopets will be released into Roboto Forest to enjoy their freedom and live a happy life.

Just like their parent

Robopets share one trait with their parent. Other traits are unique and randomly generated. So, in theory, any Roboto token, even if not rare, could create a rare Robopet. And a rare Roboto doesn't guarantee a rare Robopet.

Your Robopet can inherit either the top, helmet, ears, eyes, or chassis color. The rest of the traits are randomly chosen. Your Robopet might share more than one trait if the algorithm randomly chooses another shared trait!


Can I mint a Robopet if I don’t have a Roboto?

Robopets are limited to Roboto collectors. One Robopet per Roboto. If you don’t have a Roboto, you can get one from OpenSea or wait until Robopets are revealed and get one from the secondary market.

What are the mint and reveal dates?

Minting will happen between Oct 18th - Oct 25th. The Robopets Workshop closes on Oct 25th at 11:59 pm PDT. Reveal will happen around a couple of days after the workshop is closed.

You have one week to mint your Robopet. You can find a time in which gas is more affordable. It doesn't make a difference when you make the minting.

What’s the cost?

Minting is free, you only pay for gas. You have a week to mint, so you can choose a time when the gas price is lower.

What happens to unminted Robopets?

You can’t mint your Robopet once the workshop is closed. The unclaimed Robopets will be released into Roboto Forest to enjoy their freedom and live a happy life.

How are Robopets created?

Every Robopet is unique and programmatically generated, taking at least one trait from the Roboto parent and other features made randomly. They're also just made with a lot of love.

What are the tech details?

Up to 9999 Robopets can be created in the total supply—one Robopet for every Roboto. Each pet is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. The claimed pets will be randomly generated off-chain once the workshop closes and will share their Roboto parent's token ID.

A trait will be randomly selected from the associated Roboto that minted the pet, while all other traits will be randomized based on a weighted random distribution for the different possible components.

Is there any utility for Robopets?

We plan to have some activities like games and airdrops in which collectors of both, a Roboto and a Robopet, are eligible.