Philip Colbert & Robotos




collection of 100 unique 3D animated RoboLobsters

neo-pop surrealist nfts

Meet Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert, often referred to as the “godson of Andy Warhol”, is a contemporary artist based in London who’s turned his iconic cartoon lobsters into one of the most sought-after contemporary artworks by collectors worldwide. His artworks have been exhibited in prestigious museums around the world.

Colbert has collaborated with brands such as Adidas, Rolex, Montblanc, Christian Louboutin, and Comme des Garçons. Now, his Lobsters are entering the Metaverse disguised as Robotos.

Ask a lobster

What are RoboLobsters?

RoboLobsters is a collaborative art project between Philip Colbert and Robotos.

This limited edition collection of 100 3D animated RoboLobsters features Colbert’s signature character as well as some of the most popular Roboto traits.

The art explores the intersection of nature and technology and what it means to be a lobster on the blockchain.

Who can mint?

Distribution breakdown as follows:

  • 85 Robotos and Philip Colbert collectors allowlist

The remaining RoboLobsters are allocated as follows:

  • 13 to give away (Marketing, giveaways and 8 of these for a charity auction)
  • 2 reserved for the artists: Pablo Stanley & Philip Colbert

Allowlist spots were distributed in the Robotos & Lobstars Discord.

Is there rarity?

Yes! Every RoboLobster is rarer than the other. There are 5 super rare ones! Who said golden RoboLobsters?

Is there utility?

This is an art collaboration before anything else. One of our missions at Robotos is to bridge the gap between the traditional art world and NFTs. This art collaboration provides an accessible way to collect one of Philip Colbert & Robotos artworks.

This is our way of bringing value to collectors through art. Additionally, collectors of RoboLobsters will secure an allowlist spot on Philip Colbert’s upcoming 7,777 collection and you will be allocated a minimum of 2 mints.